S3SAX Overview
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S3-SAX is a semi-analytic simulation of neutral atomic (HI) and molecular (H2) hydrogen in galaxies and associated radio and (sub)millimeter emission lines, i.e. the HI-line and various CO-lines. This simulation relies on the Millennium simulation of cosmic structure, which reliably recovers comoving length scales from 10 kpc to several hundred Mpc and galaxies with cold hydrogen masses (HI+H2) above 108 solar masses. Currently, radio continuum data is not available for S3-SAX, although efforts are being made to add this information.

S3-SAX comes in two flavours:

  1. S3-SAX-Box is a simulation of galaxies in the cubic simulation box of the Millennium simulation. Each galaxy is specified by an array of intrinsic properties. The cosmic evolution of the galaxies was computed by De Lucia et al. (2007) using semi-analytic models. The resulting galaxy catalog, the "DeLucia2006a-catalog", was post-processed by Obreschkow et al. (2009b) and Obreschkow et al. (2009c), who assigned detailed properties of HI and H2 to each galaxy and estimated associated emission line luminosities for HI and CO. This simulation is distributed via the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory along with the original DeLucia2006a-catalog (registration required).
  2. S3-SAX-Sky uses S3-SAX-Box to construct a virtual sky field with apparent emission-line properties of HI and CO from about 2.8×108 galaxies (Obreschkow et al., 2009d). The field-of-view depends on the user-defined maximal redshift zmax. For example, you can chose zmax = 20, giving a field-of-view of 3.6×3.6 deg2; or zmax = 1.2, giving a field-of-view of 10.5×10.5 deg2. This simulation is distributed via the query of this webpage.