S3EOR Overview
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S3-EOR is a simulation of the HI line signal (1.420 GHz rest-frame) of the Intergalactic Medium (IGM) during the Epoch of Reionization (EoR). This simulation covers a redshift range of z = 5.6 to z = 23.6. In addition to the ionization field, the effect of inhomogeneous heating of the IGM by X-rays and the Lyman-α radiation field are taken into account. The simulation uses the WMAP-3 parameters with an optical depth of 0.09, consistent with the WMAP-5 results. It was performed in a cubic simulation box with a side length of sbox = 100/h Mpc and a particle mass resolution of 3×106/h solar masses. (Ref.: Santos et al., 2008)

Data structure and access

The EoR HI-simulation covers a field-of-view of 5×5 deg2 with a spatial resolution of 0.5 arcmin, giving 600×600 pixels. The frequency range extends from 57.7 MHz (z = 23.6) to 216.1 MHz (z = 5.6) with a resolution of ~0.05 MHz. To limit the size of individual files, the simulation data has been split into five fits-files, each of which covers a frequency range of about 32 MHz. These fits-files can be downloaded at http://gamow.ist.utl.pt/~msantos/21cm_sim/, together with accompanying txt-files containing the discrete frequencies (in MHz) of the maps. The units of the fits-files are in mK – to convert to flux in nJy multiply by 6.5×10-4 ν2 nJy/mK, with ν in MHz.

Note that in order to achieve the 5×5 deg2 field-of-view, some amount of tiling had to be done, taking into account the box boundary conditions (the actual simulation size is sbox = 100 Mpc/h which is around 1 deg at z = 10). A larger semi-numerical simulation is being processed at the moment, so keep checking this page for new information.